Terms and conditions

Approval process

All decisions are at the discretion of A W Edwards Crows Nest Station team. Applicants would be subject to our mandatory corporate compliance checks and signing a sponsorship agreement. Funding decisions will be final, and no negotiations will be entered into with applicants.

Completion of funded projects, activities, or events

Successful applicants will be required to notify AW Edwards of acquittal of funds as per the confirmation letter (provision of invoices) and complete the relevant project, activity, or event within three months of receipt of funding. Should the project, event or activities not proceed, organisations will be required to advise A W Edwards and negotiate re-paying funds.

Upon completion of the project/activity/event, the successful applicant will need to provide a quote/statement, around the outcome and story behind the project/activity/event. This may include a description of the activity, participants, benefits realised, photos and some testimonials.

Acknowledgement of A W Edwards, publicity, and promotion

Sponsorship recipients will be expected to promote, advertise or at least publicly acknowledge the support of A W Edwards regarding the funded activity.

Recipients may choose to publicly acknowledge A W Edwards’s support through newsletters, media releases, social media, signage etc. with the word “We acknowledge the support of A W Edwards for this event/project/activity”. Costs associated with this acknowledgment may be included in the funding request.

Recipients will also be asked to provide photographs where possible, including all necessary permissions, in writing.


Applicants must fulfill eligibility requirements detailed within the fact sheet. 


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